The Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) does not require the landlord to obtain approval from the tenants before making an improvement to the property. There are six programs that allow owners to recover the cost of improvements to their rental properties from their tenants depending on the circumstances and nature of the improvement. In addition, the Just & Reasonable Program is a rent adjustment program that provides a mechanism to provide relief from rent increase restrictions. Each link below provides program information and an application, if necessary.

Contemplating Capital Improvements?

Find out about the capital improvement program. This program splits the cost between the landlord and tenants for any type of improvement that meets five criteria.

Doing seismic retrofit work?

Find out what you have to do to comply with the new mandate and recover costs via a temporary rent surcharge to tenants.

Renovating the property?

The primary renovation program is for elective improvements that require substantial modification to the building’s structure or major systems.

Repairing natural disaster damage?

Or has the government mandated a building improvement?

Rental profits declining?

When the profitability of a property has fallen substantially, or to the point that the landlord is operating at a loss, the RSO provides…

Replacing detectors or alarms?

Surcharges for smoke detectors is a self-help program landlords can use to recover the cost of installing new and/or replacement smoke detectors or combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, but you need to follow this process.

Calculating tenant rent increases correctly?

Find out how to correctly add different types of rent increase to a tenant’s annual rent.

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