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The United to House LA (ULA) ballot measure was drafted by a broad-based community coalition to create a sustainable funding stream dedicated to affordable housing production and homelessness prevention in the City of Los Angeles.

Measure ULA was endorsed by more than 200 local organizations and approved by 58% of Los Angeles voters in the November 2022 elections. It went into effect January 1, 2023, and applicable property sale tax collections began April 1, 2023.

Measure ULA includes an Affordable Housing Program and a Homelessness Prevention Program. Each program includes five program categories, including:
  • Affordable Housing Program
    • Multifamily Affordable Housing
    • Alternative Models for Permanent Affordable Housing
    • Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing
    • Homeownership Opportunities, Capacity-Building and Operating Assistance
    • Program Stabilization Fund
  • Homelessness Prevention Program
    • Short-Term Emergency Assistance
    • Income Support for Rent-Burdened At-Risk Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
    • Eviction Defense/Prevention
    • Tenant Outreach and Education
    • Protections from Tenant Harassment

ULA Citizen Oversight Committee

The ULA Citizen Oversight Committee (COC) was created to oversee and monitor the implementation of United to House LA (Measure ULA).  Materials related to the ULA COC, including meeting agendas and materials, are available on the ULA COC landing page.

Draft ULA Program Guidelines

The COC is tasked with advising LAHD, the City Council, and Mayor on priorities and Program Guidelines for the implementation of ULA-funded programs. Specifically, the ULA ordinance authorizes the COC to develop Program Guidelines and act to recommend guideline language for adoption by the City Council. At the June 13, 2024 meeting of the COC, the COC recommended approval of the following draft Program Guidelines for consideration by the Mayor and the City Council:

Additionally, the following draft Program Guidelines are now available for review by the public, and are anticipated to be considered by the COC at an upcoming meeting tentatively scheduled for August 8, 2024:


Measure ULA is an additional special real property transfer tax on conveyances of real property over $5 million. The Measure exempts, amongst others, certain conveyances of real property whose purchasers or transferees have certain entity characteristics and engage in affordable housing development or management, from payment of the Measure ULA transfer tax.

The Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) administers requests for ULA tax exemptions for qualified purchasers who develop and/or operate affordable housing, pursuant to Section 21.9.14 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

The Los Angeles Office of Finance administers exemptions for other nonprofits with assets less than one billion dollars, government agencies, and any other entities constitutionally exempt from the City’s taxing power. For more information please visit: https://finance.lacity.gov/faq/measure-ula

LAHD has prepared ULA Exemption Eligibility Guidelines, which enumerate the requirements for qualifying for a tax exemption pursuant to the Measure; describe the procedures for determining whether a requester qualifies for the exemption; and outline various policies and protocols that govern administration of the exemption process.

To request an exemption from LAHD, please visit the ULA Exemption Portal. The ULA Exemption Portal is LAHD’s platform for initiating and processing requests from entities seeking exemptions from payment of the Measure ULA transfer tax.

For inquiries related to exemptions from Measure ULA contact: lahd-ula-exemptions@lacity.org


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