The Primary Renovation Program is the second step in a two part program: Part 1 requires an application to the Tenant Habitability Program (THP), which is overseen by the  Department’s Code Enforcement Division. Part 2 requires an application to the Primary Renovation (PR) Cost Recovery Program, which is overseen by the Department’s Rent  Stabilization Division. Landlords wanting to take advantage of the Primary Renovation Cost Recovery program must first complete the requirements for the Tenant Habitability Program. Once the work has been completed, an application can be prepared for a Primary Renovation project. The THP Process & Rent Cost Recovery Programs bulletin provides a general overview of the interrelationship between the two programs.

  1. The Tenant Habitability Plan – The property owner must have the THP approved prior to beginning work on any improvements that will be included in a Primary Renovation Cost Recovery Program application.

  2. The Primary Renovation Cost Recovery Regulations. These guidelines provide information on the program and the procedures followed by the department in processing an application.

  3. The Primary Renovation Cost Recovery Bulletin. This document provides an overview of the program and is useful to both landlords and tenants.

How to submit an application:

Use the Cost Recovery Primary Renovation application which applies the relevant formula and completes the calculations. Any supporting documentation should be uploaded to the online application. Any documents that you were unable to upload should be mailed and received by the Department (P.O. Box 57398, Los Angeles, CA 90057-0398) within 30 days of filling the application. For your convenience, a mailing label will be provided at the completion of the application.

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