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2022 AHMP Regulations Q&A

The Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) is pleased to announce the posting of the Questions and Answers regarding the Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline (AHMP) Draft regulations.  The posting includes the Average Total Development Cost identified as part of the scoring rubric in Section 5.3.4, and the proposed application timeline.

Additionally, LAHD, LACDA, HACOLA and HACLA have been collectively working to create a new web application which will allow developers to create one application and be used by multiple agencies, individually or collectively.  Please note, the 2022 LAHD NOFA will use the new web application called Universal Notice of Funding Availability (UNOFA).  Please make sure to register your organization at the following website:

You may also visit the LAHD AHMP webpage to find all related documents and future postings. 

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