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The Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline creates affordable rental housing for low and very low-income households by making long-term loans for new construction or for the rehabilitation of existing residential structures through an open competitive Call For Projects process.


In response to the critical shortage of affordable housing in Los Angeles, the Mayor and City Council, through the City’s budget process created the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in June 2000.  Seed funding of $5 million was provided, which was immediately committed by the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) to fund proposed housing developments that were on the waiting list from the NOFA for that year. In the following fiscal year, $10.5 million was budgeted for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (Fiscal Year 2001-2002).  In January 2002, Mayor Hahn announced his $100 million proposal for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and a multi-year funding plan based on the Mayor’s proposed plan was approved.

In June 2003, with the approval of the Mayor and City Council, the LAHD established the Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline Program (AHMP).  The AHMP was created to provide for the ability to leverage and attract the investment dollars of other public and private entities for the development of affordable housing within the City.  In addition, on January 23, 2013, the City of Los Angeles was designated by California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) as the 11th region to have its own geographic allocation of nine percent (9%) LIHTC.

AHMP Process and Funding Awards

LAHD continues to manage and ensure that affordable housing developments in the Managed Pipeline are in alignment with prospective federal, state, and/ or local multifamily housing development funding programs and sources and scheduled diverse and competitive application cycles.  This Collaborative forward-thinking and measured approach has proven successful in securing funding in a way that balances the Managed Pipeline with funding availability, leaving no project left without permanent funding.

One to two funding rounds are held each calendar year, with projects competing for funds that are used to leverage Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) or funding from other State or Federal housing programs.  Currently, the Managed Pipeline funds are comprised of various funding sources, including but not limited to Federal HOME funds, assets and funds of former Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), City general funds, and Linkage Fee funds.

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Contact Information

For questions about the Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline Program, please email Timothy Elliott, Manager, Multifamily Housing Finance at

LAHD notifies interested parties about the release of affordable housing development opportunities through its newsletters. To receive information and notifications, please visit the Subscribe page.

If you need assistance finding affordable housing, please contact (877) 428-8844 or visit 


AHMP Announcements


For additional AHMP announcements please visit the View All Announcements page.

AHMP Regulations

2022 AHMP Regulations:

AHMP Funding Application

2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity is currently not accepting applications.

The Universal Notice of Funding Availability (UNOFA) was developed in coordination with City and County agencies. The new program is intended to improve the solicitation of applications for financing the new development and/ or substantial rehabilitation of affordable multifamily housing developments. Applicants must submit the required electronic application and supporting documents, using the online application.

Please visit the application website to register your organization

Additional Resources

Acquisition and predevelopment loan programs are available to developers committed to the creation and preservation of affordable housing, please visit the Lenders page for more information.


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Accessibility Compliance requirement FAQ

Other Data – view Data webpage link

Other AHMP Documents 

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