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Land Use Covenants

The Planning and Land Use Unit of the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) is charged with preparing and recording Affordable Housing Land Use Covenants (Covenant) when an owner has received a land use concession from the City of Los Angeles or is subject to a City ordinance or law that requires an affordable housing set-aside.

HCA Determinations

The Housing Crisis Act (HCA) of 2019 prohibits the approval of any proposed housing development project on a site that will require the demolition of existing residential dwelling units or occupied or vacant “Protected Units” unless the proposed housing development project replaces those units as specified in the HCA Determinations Page. 

AB 2556 Determinations

in 2016, Assembly Bill (AB) 2556 amended AB 2222 which changed sections of California’s Density Bonus Law (Gov. Code §§ 65915),  applicable to new density bonus developments resulting in a loss in existing affordable units or rent-stabilized units. The law aims to replace units and ensure rental affordability periods for 55 years.

Mello Act Determinations

The Mello Act is a statewide law which seeks to preserve housing for persons and families with low and moderate incomes in California’s Coastal Zone.

Relocation Requirements (URA)

Projects funded with federal funds are required to comply with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act of 1970.

Accessible Housing Requirements

Read more about  federal and state laws that apply to housing covered under the Accessible Housing Program.

Construction Services

We will provide you with guidance throughout the construction process to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and standards.

Loan Services for Existing Borrowers

Are you an existing LAHD borrower? Learn about loan services for your multifamily properties.

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