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We prepare and record Land Use Covenants related to affordable housing and density bonuses when a developer or owner has received a land use concession from the City. We also assist developers and owners with other services such as, making determinations related to California Assembly Bill 2222, Senate Bill (SB) 330, the Mello Act, or a City ordinance that requires affordable housing set-aside or replacement units, process condominium conversion fees and provide clearance for every conversion or demolition of residential hotel units.  
We invite you to look through our services below. If you don’t find what you need, please contact us at (213) 808-8843 or send an email to

AB 2556

Apply for an Assembly Bill (AB) 2556 determination.

SB 8

Apply for a Senate Bill (SB) 8 Determination.

Mello Act determination coastal zone

Apply for a Mello Act determination for units in a coastal zone.

Land use rent income schedules

Find more information on rent or income limits for affordable units under land use covenants.

Residential hotel land use clearance

Apply for a residential hotel land use clearance.

Condominium conversion fees

Pay a condominium conversion fee.

Playa Vista controlled price units

Sell a Playa Vista controlled price unit.

Casa Gateway

Sell or rent a Casa Gateway unit.

Tenant management and occupancy monitoring

Learn how to certify prospective tenants.

Land Use Covenant

Apply for a Land Use Covenant

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