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Multi-unit residential rental property owners are invited to attend one of our regularly scheduled informational workshops to learn how to prepare for a housing inspection, resolve cited violations, and prevent properties from incurring further enforcement activities, including placement into the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP). The workshop also goes over the REAP process and an owner’s associated obligations, including pertinent fees.

All informational workshops are presented by Department  staff and REAP outreach service providers, and are free and open to property owners, tenants and the public.


REAP Workshops are scheduled REAP Workshops this year quarterly, in our main office located at 1200 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90017. Additional information about scheduled workshops can be found on the Department’s calendar.


REAP Overview

These workshops provide you with the opportunity to meet the Department staff and outreach service providers that may be managing your case. Department staff will provide a detailed overview of how properties are referred to REAP from the initial inspection, to the hearing, to the opening of the escrow account. You will also receive an overview of what to expect while your property is in REAP.

REAP Removal Process

Department staff will walk you through the process of removing your property from REAP, and explain the requirements that must be met before a property can be recommended for removal. Staff will also explain the process of restoring rental income and removing the notice that is recorded on title.

How to Minimize the Chance of Being Placed into REAP

The Department wants to help you do what you can to maintain your property and prevent further enforcement. At the workshops, staff will provide tips on ensuring your property remains in compliance, so that you can avoid placement into REAP.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be fully informed about the laws and programs applicable to your rental property.

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