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In addition to the annual RSO/SCEP fees, property owners may also be billed for additional services provided by the Department. These fees can be paid by submitting your payment in the self-addressed envelope included with the bill, or by visiting an LAHD Walk-In Center.

Major fee schedules are as followed:

Invoice Type Description Regular Fee Payment Due Late/Delinquent
Additional Tier II Inspection This fee is for comprehensive inspections of the property to verify that the property meets the requirements of applicable building codes and standards. $169.00 – Inspection Fee

$32.50 – Processing Fee

$201.50 – Total
30-days $503.75
Administrative Investigation Fee This fee is associated with a property that required building records being researched and investigated where an Illegal Construction or trade work was cited. This fee is initiated after the property has been non-compliant and forwarded to a General Manager’s Hearing. $400.00 30-days $1,000.00
Case Management (CM) Inspection The fee for an inspection by a Case Management inspector. $201.50 30-days $503.75
Complaint Inspection Inspection fee pursuant to a complaint inspection. $201.50 30-days $503.75
Inter-Agency Housing Task Force (IHTF) Fees associated with inspection(s) and enforcement of a property by multi-agency TF inspectors. Varies 30-days Varies
Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) Administrative Fees A property placed in REAP is assessed a monthly fee. In addition, one percent (1%) simple interest on the original amount is assessed on a monthly basis. $50.00 (Per Unit) 90-days Varies
Rent Stabilization Ordinance(RSO) Annual bill for rental properties subject to the annual RSO fees. $38.75 (Per Unit) By the last day of February $58.13 (Per Unit)
SCEP Re-inspection Inspection conducted by a SCEP inspector to verify compliance. $201.50 30-days $503.75
Special Enforcement Unit Inspection (SEU) Fee for inspections conducted by SEU staff. $201.50 30-days $503.75
Substandard Recording Substandard Notice recorded with the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office. $174.93 30-days 30-days
Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) Annual bill for rental properties subject to the annual SCEP fees. $67.94 (Per Unit) By the last day of February $135.88 (Per Unit)
Tenant Relocation Inspection Program (TRIP) Benefit Advancement Reimbursement and administrative costs incurred for payment of relocation benefits. Varies 30-days Varies
Urgent Repair Program (URP) City contractor reimbursement and administrative costs associated with repairs to the property after the owner(s) failed to abate the imminent hazard. Varies 30-Days Varies
Vehicle Abatement Inspection Inspection conducted by an SEU inspector related to an inoperable vehicle. $201.50 30-days $503.75
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