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Administrative penalty appeal document on a desk

Property owners who wish to dispute penalty fees assessed on their bills may appeal by completing an Administrative Penalty Appeal Form (in English or Spanish) within 45 days of the statement date.

Payment of regular fees is required prior to an appeal review.

A determination letter will be mailed to the property owners following the review of the Administrative Penalty Appeal.

Please note that it is the obligation of the property owner to pay annual fees and update their contact information with the Department. The failure to receive an Annual Bill does not relieve the property owner of the legal obligation to pay annual fees and does not provide a basis for the waiver of any penalties.

An owner’s “Billing” information is only provided to the owner of record and their duly authorized representative (agent). The owner can authorize an agent to receive billing information and/or act on the owner’s behalf by providing the supporting documentation as indicated in the Property Owner/Management Company Representative Authorization Policy.

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