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Under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) and the Just Cause Ordinance (JCO), the landlord may recover possession of a rental unit under specific situations. If the tenant is at-fault for the eviction, then the tenant will not be entitled to relocation assistance.

1.      Failure to pay rent.

2.      Violation of the rental agreement or lease.

3.     Unreasonable interference with the comfort, safety or enjoyment of other tenants, or damaging the rental unit or the property.

4.     Using your rental unit or the common areas of the property for an illegal purpose

5.     Refusal to renew a lease or rental agreement of like terms and conditions.

6.     Refusing the landlord reasonable access to the rental unit for repairs and inspections to name a couple of examples.

7.     At the end of a lease term, the landlord discovers the tenant is not the person who initially rented the unit and the landlord didn’t approve this person’s tenancy.

8.     The tenant refused to move temporarily or did not honor a permanent relocation agreement as indicated in the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP), approved by this Department, so the landlord could renovate the building or the unit.

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