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Tenants need to know the reasons the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) allows as cause for legal eviction.

There are two types of evictions allowed under the RSO: situations in which tenants are at fault for the evictions and situations in which the property owner would like to regain possession of the rental unit and the tenant is not at fault for the eviction. The tenant may be entitled to relocation assistance if not at fault for the eviction.

Foreclosures are not a legal reason for eviction of any tenant in the City of Los Angeles, whether protected by the RSO or not. The Foreclosure Eviction Moratorium (Ordinance No. 180441) provides that banks or lenders who foreclose on single family homes or new multi-family properties (those with a Certificate of Occupancy after October 1, 1978) cannot evict tenants merely because they foreclose on the property. They can only evict a tenant based on the legal reasons permitted under the RSO.

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