We offer many services for people living with HIV/AIDS, the elderly and homeless populations, and persons with disabilities. We invite you to look through our programs and services that cater to your needs. If you don’t find what you need, please call our toll-free hotline at (866) 557-RENT (7368) or visit one of our public counters located throughout LA.

Services for people with disabilities

Learn more about services for low income homeowners & tenants with disabilities.

Services for persons living with HIV/AIDS

If you are low-income person living with HIV/AIDS you may be eligible.

Is my unit subjected to rent control?

Nearly 60% of all Los Angeles residents live in rental housing. We offer services and resources to this renter population to ensure their rights are protected, they are living under safe conditions and they know where they should go for help.

File a complaint

You may file a complaint if you believe your landlord has violated the city’s code on health and safety, or violated Fair Housing laws. Learn more about the types of complaints and how to file them.

Are you experiencing discrimination?

It is against the law to discriminate based on race, color, sex, religion and many other categories based on the Fair Housing law. Learn more about the law and what you can do if you believe you have been discriminated against.

Are you suffering from abuse at home?

If your partner is physically violent and/or verbally or emotionally abusive, we are here to help you. Call the multilingual 24-hour hotline today (800) 799-7233.

Homeless Services

If you are a homeless individual or family and believe you are at significant risk of becoming homeless, please contact the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), at (213) 683-3333, or access LAHSA’s website for specific information about city-funded programs that are available to homeless individuals, youth, and families and which you may be eligible to receive services under.

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