Gateway-to-Green (G2G) is a Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) program that helps multi-family rental property owners save money, water, and energy. During routine inspections of rental properties, LAHD inspectors recommend ways property owners can conserve water and energy through incentives and rebate programs. For example, installing a high efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons/flush) can save 13,000 gallons of water annually and approximately $140.00 per year on your water bill.

The City’s Department of Water and Power currently has solar programs for residential customers including multi-family property owners

“Shared Solar allows residential customers living in multifamily dwellings (apartments, condominiums, duplexes) to participate in LA’s thriving solar economy.”

To learn more about DWP’s solar programs, visit their website at: DWP’s solar programs.

Solar Rooftop Program (SRP) flyer

Solar Rooftops Program is designed to expand access to solar savings for qualified LADWP residential customers who otherwise may not be able to use solar because of the high cost of installing panels. LADWP will design and install a solar panel system on the customer’s rooftop. Solar Rooftops installations provide energy directly to the grid to help LADWP meet the clean energy goals of Los Angeles and California. LADWP performs a home evaluation, acquires permits, develops designs, and installs the SRP systems at zero cost to customers. There are no upfront costs, annual fees, credit checks or maintenance costs for program participants. The SRP will enable customers to help the LADWP modernize its grid and support the creation of a cleaner Los Angeles.

Download the Solar Rooftops Program (SRP) flyer.

Shared Solar Program (SSP) flyer

Shared Solar enables residential customers living in multifamily dwellings (apartments, condominiums, duplexes) to fix a portion of their electric bill through LADWP’s solar facilities. LADWP installs utility-scale solar plants and allows program participants purchase energy through the SSP at a rate that is fixed for 10 years. This helps customers to manage their electric bills, and grants potential savings as utility costs rise.

Download the Shared Program (SSP) flyer here.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) flyer

LADWP’s customer-based Net Energy Metering Program helps to offset our customer’s energy use with local solar resources. The LADWP provides streamlined interconnection services to enable customers to tap into the City’s abundant sunshine and provide residents and businesses alike with the ability to generate their own power. Solar also brings economic benefits for L.A. as a catalyst for creating jobs and stimulating the green economy. Local solar projects also support the reliability of LADWP’s power grid.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT) flyer

LADWP’s FiT program allows developers to sell generation from local renewable energy projects directly to LADWP instead of consuming the energy onsite to directly satisfy their load. The program works through power purchase agreements for terms not exceeding 20 years and based on prices dependent on system size and location. Through FiT, LADWP aims to fill the gap for projects with an export capacity larger than systems typically supported by the current NEM Program, but smaller and more regionally located than other large-scale renewable energy projects. This program incentivizes local renewable development through public-private partnerships while helping LADWP to achieve its Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates and overall clean energy goals. 

Download the Feed-in Tariff Flyer here.

Download the Feed-in Tariff Plus Flyer here.

Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) flyer

VNEM allows property owners and developers to install solar photovoltaic systems on multifamily dwellings. The solar energy generated is then sold to LADWP. In return, a minimum of 40% of the proceeds are required to be distributed among on-site tenants, allowing multifamily tenants to experience first-hand the savings that solar power provides. Up to 5 MW of capacity is available for this program.

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