Apartment Complex Concept Design

Accurate and timely data and research are essential to LAHD’s work.  Understanding and visualizing social, demographic, economic, and environmental factors enables us to identify areas of need and/or opportunity.  Meaningful performance data shows how well programs work and where there is room for improvement.  Housing policy research and departmental strategic planning move LAHD’s mission forward.

Research, Data and Geospatial Analysis

Understanding and visualizing key factors is essential to identify areas of need or opportunity.  Geospatial analysis can help summarize thousands of words with a single image.

Performance Evaluation and Planning

Meaningful performance data can show how  LAHD’s programs perform, whether they meet their goals, and room for improvement. The Strategic Plan shares LAHD’s long-term vision with goals, actions and related metrics. 

Public Policy Development

The Public Policy & Research (PP&R) Unit addresses these types of housing inequities through all of our current policy proposal work, and will continue to do so as part of our anti-eviction efforts such as through the City’s proposed Eviction Defense Program (EDP).


In the interest of transparency, and for your convenience, below are dashboards of the most requested data. The data can be customized through filters, and downloadable report options. The data displays are dynamic, where you can interact based on your search. Click on the dashboard category to view the data. Be patient, some dashboards may take a little longer to display.

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