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In a blink of an eye, 25 years have passed since the inception of a formalized effort to address  the affordable housing and homeless problems in Los Angeles.  In 25 years, the current incarnation of what is today known as HCIDLA has resulted in numerous accomplishments, breakthroughs, and success stories benefiting the residents of Los Angeles.  And despite it all, it’s still not nearly enough.  Over 47,000 Angelenos, including 22,000 citywide, are still on the street, faceless, ignored, and systematically cast aside, with countless others in desperate need of an affordable place to call home. That is precisely why HCIDLA is planning the unveiling of “Phases & Faces of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles”(Phases & Faces Exhibit), a first-of-its-kind exhibit to be displayed from March 15, 2017 to April 30, 2017 in Los Angeles City Hall.  It is not merely a celebration of the past 25 years of affordable housing development and preservation, but an introduction to issues that continue to plague one of the most visible and influential cities in the world.  The exhibit will attempt to put an actual face on homelessness, as well as the individuals and families who live in or are seeking affordable housing. It will bring to light on what needs to be done, challenge our perceptions, and hopefully inspire the type of action that reminds us of the very meaning of humanity. Join HCIDLA and answer its Call for Submissions, as we are seeking photos, videos, and stories that relate to the homeless plight and housing affordability crisis in Los Angeles.  Everyone is welcome to make submissions, because this is an issue that affects us all.  This is our Los Angeles, and we’re going to fix it. To learn more about being a part of the Phases & Faces Exhibit, visit our website at
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