649 Lofts – Another Prop HHH Property In-service

649 Lofts is partially funded by Prop HHH. It is a permanent supportive dignified spatial housing complex that will be home to 54 individuals with experience of homelessness, prolonged extreme poverty, poor health, disabilities, mental illness, and/or addiction. The property is located on 7th and Wall, above a new 25,000 square-foot community health clinic developed by Skid Row Housing Trust. 

The new Joshua House Health Center is owned and operated by Los Angeles Christian Health Centers. The clinic will provide top-quality on-site health services including medical, dental, optometry, mental health, and social service needs of the community.

649 Lofts officially opened April 30th with already two-thirds leased occupancy. Leasing information for our unhoused neighbors can be found through LAHSA’s Coordinated Entry System (lahsa.org/ces).

The 649 Lofts architecture is Adobe Communities.

About Prop HHH

In November 2016, the voters of Los Angeles overwhelmingly voted in favor of Proposition HHH (Prop HHH, HHH), which provides funds for the development of supportive housing for homeless individuals and families throughout the city. The Prop HHH Supportive Housing Loan Program development proposals use both traditional and innovative financing and construction techniques. The program provides an average HHH loan commitment of $140,000 per unit (apartment); developers must combine HHH loans with other financial resources to pay for the total development costs. To view the latest Prop HHH housing development, visit the HHH Progress Report dashboard.

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