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Raul carlos

Raul Claros


Raul Claros is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Reimagine LA Foundation & Principal Owner of UNO Partners Inc. For over a decade, Raul’s mission has been to fight for equity and inclusion for youth and families in Los Angeles. His work in Pico Union & South Los Angeles as a teacher, youth coach, nonprofit program director, as well as a community and political organizer; led Raul to work as a Field Representative for the California State Assembly and as Deputy for the office of the Los Angeles City Council President. His tireless work in education as a teacher for nine years allowed him to work with the children and their families, on empowering their leadership and advocacy skills. As a nonprofit director, Raul has helped provide direct wrap-around services for families in need. His work with gang interventions/community peacekeepers and as Founder of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles (501c4) and University Little League (501c3) exposed him to practical ways to deal with our public safety, public health, and quality of life challenges in LA County. During Raul’s tenure with the California State Legislature as a Field Representative, Raul led the project for the El Salvador Community Corridor (ACR126) that was co-authored by Assembly Member Mike Davis and Speaker John Perez. Over the last 6 years, Raul has served as a LA City Commissioner on the Affordable Housing Commission (Currently Commission President) and as Executive Director for the Northern Valleys Chapter of the American Red Cross-Los Angeles Region(2016-2020), becoming the first Central American to ever hold that position. His proudest accomplishments are being the father of his seven-year-old daughter Valentina and of his ministry through the Church of Christ in Los Angeles County.

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