On March 2, 2017, Mayor Eric Garcetti released the second annual progress report on his Sustainable City pLAn, the first comprehensive environmental plan in City history. The pLAn, released in 2015, laid out ambitious short term and long term targets in 14 categories related to the environment, economy, and equity — including water conservation, clean energy, waste, green jobs, transportation, and livability.

“My Sustainable City pLAn is delivering results, because creating the city and economy of the future begins with a vision and a comprehensive strategy — and we could not have achieved the gains of the past two years without this blueprint,” said Mayor Garcetti. “We are a healthier and more prosperous city today because we set bold targets and held ourselves accountable for making progress that Angelenos can see and feel.”

HCIDLA is proud to be a part of this collaboration.  More information about our work can be seen on pages 46 – 51 of the annual report, which can be viewed and downloaded at

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