Mayor Eric Garcetti is listening to the people…literally.  This morning, in an effort to raise awareness for the RSO (Rent Stabilization Ordinance), Mayor Garcetti took some time out to stop by the HCIDLA hotline center to thank our dedicated team for their good work in serving LA’s residents, and even took some calls himself!  He got a first-ear glimpse of some of the concerns plaguing Angelenos, and the lucky callers were no doubt surprised to have a rare chance to communicate their concerns to their mayor.  
HCIDLA staff was very excited and honored to be graced by Mayor Garcetti’s visit.  They appreciated his effort in acknowledging the often unsung heroes of this department, and reinforced the fact that their jobs are vital cogs in the City’s operations.   And of course, HCIDLA employees got a chance to take a selfie with the always accommodating mayor! 
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