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Welcome to the General Manager’s Office. We oversee all matters relating to our General Manager Ann Sewill, including managing her schedule and speaking engagements. We also manage internal and external department-wide communications, including memos and newsletters, and serve as the liaison with the Mayor’s Office, elected officials and other City agencies.

The Office of the General Manager administers LAHD’s Language Access Plan (LAP) in compliance with Section 601 of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 2 of Executive Order 13166. LAHD’s LAP ensures that persons with limited English proficiency have full and equal access to all of LAHD’s federally funded programs and services. The Language Access Plan also applies to entities that contract with LAHD to carry out its programs and other City agencies that receive federal funds through the Consolidated Plan.

The General Manager’s Office, through the Executive Officer, also performs the following specialized functions:

Accessible Housing Program

The Accessible Housing Program (AcHP) works to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to rent, enjoy, and use affordable rental housing funded by the City of Los Angeles or the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles.  Operations and activities include:

Accessibility-related oversight of specific ‘Covered Housing Developments’ – including existing and newly constructed or rehabilitated multifamily rental housing in the LAHD portfolio which received financial or other assistance through a program administered by the City after July 11, 1988 and/or received CRA/LA funds or Mortgage Bond approval where construction commenced after January 26, 1992.

The AcHP Compliance Website – a resource and compliance center for property owners, property managers, tenants, and applicants.  The Accessible Housing Registry allows the public to search for affordable accessible units in the Covered Housing Developments.  Residents can search for affordable accessible properties, start a pre-application online for new properties, apply to be listed on an accessible unit wait list and track applications status.  Affordable housing property owners can list their affordable accessible properties, manage pre-applications and wait list online and access affirmative marketing resources. Housing advocates can search for affordable accessible properties, apply for new and waitlisted properties online for their clients, manage their clients’ accounts and track their clients’ applications status.

Training and education on Fair Housing for Persons with Disabilities are currently being provided by Accessible Housing Program (AcHP). This training is mandatory for property owners, compliance officers, and property managers of covered housing developments.

Performance Management and Resiliency Planning

The Performance Management and Resiliency Planning Section encompasses two areas of expertise:  The Performance Evaluation and Planning team asks: How well do LAHD’s programs perform?  Do they meet their goals?  Where is there room for improvement?   Our goal is to provide meaningful performance data for internal use and for reporting to the public, the Mayor, City Council, other elected officials, our funders and contractors. Our work on data enhancement and automation support LAHD’s program evaluation and improvement. We also design graphic presentation of data and oversee the development of LAHD’s strategic plan.   The Resiliency: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning team works with partners to improve emergency plans and develop new recovery programs and exercises to (a) enhance LAHD’s ability to serve the City after a catastrophic event and (b) increase preparedness and resiliency before a disaster, to prevent harm to City residents and the City’s residential and community service infrastructure.

Policy and Research Analysis

Los Angeles ranks as one of the least affordable cities for housing.  At the same time, the city is experiencing enormous transformation due in large part to an unprecedented $40 billion transit investment in the region.  This juxtaposition challenges the city to seek solutions to address the deep affordable housing crisis.  Given this framework, the Public Policy and Research (PP&R) Unit provides proactive research and analysis in support of the advancement of innovative programs and public policies.  Our work centers on identifying funding sources, policy constraints, analyzing land use policy tools with direct housing implications and solutions that address affordable and neighborhood change issues.  PP&R staff enhance and protect existing programs while supporting federal, state and local legislative proposals designed to create habitable housing, rent affordability, incentivize the development of affordable housing, and preserve the city’s existing housing inventory and continued community investment.  Our core focus includes Policy DevelopmentMonitoring At-Risk Housing, and Research, Data and Geospatial Analysis.

Message from the General Manager

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the General Manager of this department that is the Los Angeles Housing Department, otherwise known as LAHD.

I am pleased to invite you to browse our improved ADA-compliant website, where we hope you will find the assistance you need.

We are here to serve stakeholders across our great City. If you do not find the information you seek, or have additional questions, call our toll-free hotline at (866) 557-RENT (7368), or submit your inquiry to Ask-Housing 24/7 and staff will respond during hours of operations.

Looking forward to assisting Angelenos that may have use of LAHD’s programs and services.

General Manager

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