United to House LA Citizen Oversight Committee (ULA COC)

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The United to House LA (ULA) ballot measure was drafted by a community-based coalition to create a sustainable funding stream dedicated to affordable housing production and homelessness prevention in the City of Los Angeles.

Measure ULA was endorsed by more than 200 local organizations and approved by 58% of Los Angeles voters in the November 2022 elections. It went into effect January 1, 2023, and applicable property sale tax collections began April 1, 2023.

ULA Citizen Oversight Committee

The ULA Citizen Oversight Committee (COC) was created to oversee and monitor the implementation of the Measure.

Per SEC. 22.618.6 (b) of the ULA Ordinance

“The Oversight Committee shall monitor and audit the Fund; advise the Mayor, the Department, and the City Council on priorities and the Program Guidelines authorized by Subdivision (c)(1) of this section; make recommendations to the Department, the Mayor and the City Council regarding appropriations, Expenditure Plans, administration of the House LA Fund, and implementation of the House LA Program.”

ULA COC Members

  • Michelle Espinosa Coulter, Chairperson
  • Alan Greenlee, Vice-Chairperson
  • Charlie Cea
  • Debbie Chen
  • Steve Diaz
  • Jennifer Gaeta
  • Quaneshia Jeffery
  • Zerita Jones
  • Jacob Lipa
  • Elda Mendez-Lemus
  • Alma Morales
  • Laura Raymond
  • Leilani Reed
  • Antonio Sanchez
  • Deepika Sharma

ULA COC Meeting Agendas and Presentations

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ULA COC Meeting Calendar

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