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Is my unit under Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP)?

Did you receive a Notice of Acceptance into the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP)? If so, it is because the Department has cited violations in your unit, and those violations were not corrected in the time allowed.

REAP is a program that encourages landlords to fix their properties and restore them to a safe and habitable condition.

REAP is defined in the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) § 162.00, et seq.

What does REAP mean?

REAP exists to resolve the most persistent health and safety and habitability issues found.

Getting help with REAP!

Learn about the organizations available to assist you with your unit in REAP.

Requesting funds from REAP

Request REAP funds to make repairs, pay for essential services, or relocation.

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