New ED 1 Guidelines for Affordable Housing Streamlining

Los Angeles Cityscape

In her first week in office, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass issued Executive Directive No. 1 (ED 1) to dramatically accelerate the pace and lower the cost of building affordable and temporary housing. With the goal of producing housing more quickly, and moving people inside faster, ED 1 directs City departments to accelerate timelines and streamline processes for approving, permitting, and issuing clearances for affordable housing projects.

The Departments of City Planning and Building and Safety, along with the Los Angeles Housing Department, have produced guidelines for the implementation of ED1. These guidelines outline the steps, procedures, and requirements for projects using the streamlined ED1 processes in each of the departments.

For more information about ED1, and the streamlined processes in City Planning, Building and Safety, and the Housing Department, please refer to Executive Directive No. 1 and the ED1 Implementation Guidelines.


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