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The Mobile Home Park Task Force (MHPTF) is an advisory group established by the Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) in order to provide a specific forum which allows for discussion of issues in mobilehome parks. The members of the MHPTF are mobilehome owners, mobilehome park owners, and industry representatives appointed by the RAC. They provide advice and recommendations to the RAC on matters of concern related to mobile homes and manufactured housing.

The members of the MHPTF are volunteers. Their role is to provide feedback to the RAC for changes in policies or procedures. Issues to be referred to the MHPTF or the RAC should be forwarded through RAC support staff, which coordinates the quarterly meetings and activities of the MHPTF. The MHPTF meetings are held to provide an open exchange of information between MHPTF members, representatives of the City, and members of the public.

Persons interested in becoming a member of the MHPTF, should submit a resume and letter of interest to:

Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC)

c/o Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department

PO Box 17280

Los Angeles, CA 90017-0280


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